NGO Strategy, Management and Legal Compliance

Turkey hosts the largest refugee population in the world as its geographical position makes it the first reception and transit country for many refugees and migrants. The unprecedented number of incoming refugees has necessitated civil society to respond serious obstacles, shortcomings and problems as regards to access to work and basic services, such as health and welfare, education and, more generally, integration into society.

CCLegalCo is committed to human rights, humanitarian aid and social assistance. We work closely with local NGOs, SNGOs and INGOs in order to support the performance of their activities, ensure their compliance with Turkish legal system, and therefore, facilitate the achievement of their mission and objectives and enable their sustainable legal presence in Turkey.

CCLegalCo performs an advisory function to assist civil society organizations to strengthen their resilience by supporting them with respect to their governance structures and mechanisms.

CCLegalCo works with NGOs in different legal fields, such as:

  • Labor Law
  • Personal Data Protection Compliance
  • Corporate & Contractual Law
  • Dispute Resolution & Mediation
  • Administrative Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Occupational Health and Safety Law
  • International Law
  • White Collar Crimes (incl. Bribery, Fraud, Corruption, Collusion)

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NGO Strategy, Management and Legal Compliance

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