Business and Human Rights Related Services

Businesses have the responsibility to respect human rights whilst states have the duty to protect human rights.

The ‘UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ was unanimously endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council in 2011. It is the authoritative global standard on business and human rights and the 31 principles set expectations of states and business about how to prevent and address the negative impacts of business and human rights.

The Guiding Principles apply to all states and all businesses worldwide and today are being implemented by companies, governments and their stakeholders. Indeed, since 2011, laws, regulations, policies, national action plans and tools have been developed and launched to clarify how businesses must take up their responsibility in respecting human rights both through their supply chains and in their stakeholder engagements.

CCLegalCo is leading the development of business and human rights field in Turkey. We advise international companies, who source goods and services from Turkey as a part of their extended supply chains on embedding relevant policies, designing human rights due diligence processes, managing supply chain risks and structuring remedy. We provide guidance on the applicability of relevant Turkish and non-Turkish laws and international standards, recommend actions to prevent systematic human rights issues by taking into consideration of local dynamics, and conduct needs assessments in different sectors (i.e. garment and agriculture)

We also offer expert advisory non-profit organizations working in the area of sustainable and responsible business. We have particular expertise in child rights, ethical recruitment, migrant labor and engagement with trade unions.

We deliver awareness-raising trainings and technical capacity building in labour supply chains, as well as assessing corporate sustainability programmes and due diligence processes for improvement and innovation.

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