On 2 March 2021, the Action Plan on Human Rights (“Action Plan”) prepared under judicial reform was announced by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and published simultaneously on the Ministry of Justice’s website. It is seen that many topics from freedom of expression to animal rights are included in the Action Plan, which consists of 9 fundamental aims, 50 goals and 393 activities.

In the Action Plan, improvements on issues such as the duration, scope and justification of the detention and individual application to the Constitutional Court, which have been on Turkey’s agenda many times before are stated.

It is a significant development that Turkey now agrees to prepare a national guide and carry out awareness-raising activities regarding the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights under Goal 9.3 of the Action Plan.

We hope that the timeline for the execution of these goals and activities included in this Action Plan will be determined and announced to the public as soon as possible; and these declarations of intentions expressed under the Action Plan will be executed quickly and solidified.


You may find the English version of the Action Plan here

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